Edmonton Chapter Co-Hosts Series of 3 Symposia on the Past, Present and Future of the Ft. McMurray Tailings Dilemma

by The Just Transition Working Group:

The Council of Canadians Edmonton Chapter with Keepers of the Water cordially invite you to a Symposia Oct 5, 26 and Nov 16 on the proposed dumping of inadequately treated tar sands tailings into the Athabasca River.

The link below provides detail on these events and a Registration Button. These events will be both in person, at the Telus Centre at the U of A and on line. Please note that space at in-person events will be limited.

The Edmonton Chapter’s Just Transition Working Group, in association with our allies, is now focussing on the spectre of the Ft. McMurray “Tailings Ponds” 1.4 trillion litres and growing of toxic, acidic and saline residues left over from over 50 years of the upgrading/refining of mined tar sands.

Despite licensing agreements to adequately treat these effluents, tailings have never been reduced in quantity or effectively treated in over 50 years of mining. Meanwhile, industry has provided a pittance in security bonds to back their promise to clean up the mess and has recently asked for and received unreasonable extensions of their licences to delay cleanup long after a number of mines have been depleted, raising the spectre of the public being stuck with the clean up costs.

This series of symposia aims to inform and inspire the public in the face of a truly epic situation. A problem that disproportionately affects primarily indigenous communities downstream.

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