Founded in 1985, the Council of Canadians, is Canada’s largest citizens’, non-partisan organization with members and Chapters across the country.  We are located on the shores, and within the watershed of the North Saskatchewan River on Treaty 6 Territory, the traditional land of the Cree, Blackfoot, Nakota Sioux, Metis and others. The Cree name for Edmonton is Amiskwaci-waskahikan (Amisk-watchee-waska-ikan) which means “Beaver-Hills House” –referring to the many beaver in the river, and the hills present day downtown Edmonton now sits on.

The Edmonton Chapter is one of about 40 Chapters of the Council of Canadians  across the country.  In the Edmonton Region, about 3000 CofC supporters are represented by a volunteer-run Steering  Committee.   who coordinate activities. National organizational  Values include democracy, accountability, non-partisanship; social, environmental and economic justice. The Mission of ‘bringing people together through collective action and grassroots organizing to challenge corporate power and advocate for people, the planet and our democracy’ guides our Chapter activism, as does the Vision of creating a more just world.    The National Goals of clean water, dignity and respect for all, governments that work for the public good and protection of the ‘commons’ are aligned with our local Chapter goals. 

Our Chapter values are geared towards Activism, Education and Community support. We are action-oriented, collegial, collaborative, inclusive.  We make decisions by consensus, foster a shared community and respond to issues that are important to our members. We collaborate and think systemically. We cherish our supportive interpersonal relationships and value diversity/pluralism. 

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Our Chapter Goals.  We work towards a caring society,  environmental sustainability, responsible government for the people, corporate accountability, a strengthened democracy and judicial system. We protect the Commons – ecological, social and cultural resources shared by all – from privatization and abuse. We promote environmental stewardship of our natural resources.

The Council of Canadians does not accept money from corporations or governments (except for some recent Covid-Relief funds for staff during the pandemic) and is normally sustained entirely by the volunteer energy and financial assistance of its members.

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