Past Highlights

Activism and Advocacy Highlights from the Recent Past:
Since about 2010, the Edmonton Chapter has put on numerous public forums exploring and challenging the issues of:

-Fracking in Alberta
-The Role of the Alberta Energy Regulator
-Privatization in Alberta/eg. P3 involved with LRT River Valley Line
-Commodification of Water in Alberta
-Green Town/Transition                                                             
-Protecting water and our ecological commons by encouraging alternatives to toxic pesticides.                                                                                            
-with the challenges of the Covid pandemic, we’ve more recently presented a number of informative, well attended webinars in relation to the “Protect Our Parks” and the “Alberta Beyond Coal” initiatives.  

Over the years, we’ve presented a number of events to celebrate World Water Day (March 22nd.  We also produced two conferences: one on Democracy (June, 2015) and the other on Climate Change (November, 2016).   Our Chapter also actively challenged the corporatization of City of Edmonton’s Drainage Department (2017) and the Goldbar Waste Treatment Centre (2009).     

Indigenous Solidarity 

The Edmonton Chapter supports Indigenous Rights and was an early supporter of Idle No More. One of our most successful public forums was with Tanya Kappo, who spoke about the issues and concerns that sparked the Idle No More movement, especially Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women early 2013.   We would like to continue to build good relations with Edmonton  Regional Indigenous  Communities. Throughout, we respect the water, the land, and the original peoples of this land by learning to honour the Treaties.

 Social Justice

We want to work in coalition with our grass roots/civil society partners to build a better Edmonton.  Council of Canadians – Edmonton Chapter is engaged on many social justice issues through our members’ collaboration with other groups. Peace efforts, election reform, refugee support, trade justice, climate justice, Truth and Reconciliation, water protection, living wage are all concerns that engage chapter members in their work for a better world. We encourage you to join us! You may want to help table at events, distribute information, join letter writing campaigns, attend rallies, circulate petitions; or drop into one of our regular meetings, add your voice to the discussion and figure out for yourself how you may want to contribute. To stay in the loop and receive action alerts, please send us an e-mail asking to be added to our list.

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