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Parks and Coal Update

Do you have Defend Alberta Parks or Alberta Beyond Coal signs on your lawn? If you do, don’t take them down yet! These issues have not gone away. The Canadian…

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Join us on Sat. Mar. 12  to show your support for the promised Canadian Federal Ministry for a Just Transition

Join us on Sat. Mar. 12 to show your support for the promised Canadian Federal Ministry for a Just Transition

It’s time that all Alberta MPs support the movement towards a healthy and sustainable future, for the sake of generations to come.

The Edmonton Chapter has joined the Day of Action for a Just Transition initiative – a national CoC effort in collaboration with

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Just Say No to Canadian F-35 Jet Procurement Plans

At the 2021 Council of Canadians National Annual Membership Meeting the membership voted for a policy resolution for the withdrawal of Canada from NATO. It has been estimated that 90% of Canada’s Military effort has gone to NATO and with that expenditure we create a lot of greenhouse gases on top of the expense and war. NATO member nations spend one trillion annually on their militaries which is more than 50% of global military spending. One estimate calculates the total cost of shifting our electricity to 100% renewable energy over 10 years at 4.5 trillion. That is still less than the 6 trillion that we’ve spent on almost two decades of endless wars waged since 9/11. The questions that needs to be asked is shouldn’t we spend less on the military and more on climate change and a number of other things that we need?

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