Edmonton Summer ’22 Art for Climate Events

How will we transition to a climate friendly economy and energy system? How can we cope with the dangers of the climate crisis while maintaining hope and taking action. Artists can help and young Edmonton artists are taking the lead! Two groups are planning art events this summer that will explore the issues of climateContinue reading “Edmonton Summer ’22 Art for Climate Events”

Proposed Coal Mining Effluent Regulations

The Federal Government is working on updated coal mining effluent regulations. The Province of Alberta has committed to enforcing these regulations after they have been finalized. Because of this, these regulations will have a real impact on our watersheds. The Council of Canadians Edmonton Chapter joined other Alberta organizations in providing feedback on the proposedContinue reading “Proposed Coal Mining Effluent Regulations”

World Water Day Symposium March 22, 2022, Recording

The Council of Canadians Edmonton Chapter presented a panel and public discussion for World Water Day on Tuesday March 22, 2022. Those who attended shared their your own stories about why they love our water. They learned from the passionate local activists and professionals listed below about current threats to Alberta waters and about actionContinue reading “World Water Day Symposium March 22, 2022, Recording”