Supreme Court rules in favour of the Clyde River Inuit but against the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation

Today, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that the Clyde River Inuit were not adequately consulted as part of the National Energy Board approval of an energy project that would impact their territories and threaten their culture.

A five-year oil exploration project in Baffin Bay and Davis Strait (off Clyde River’s coast) had been approved by the National Energy Board (NEB) without proper consultation. This project would use seismic blasting — a process of firing loud sound explosions through the ocean to find oil — as a first step towards dangerous Arctic oil drilling. Oil industry activities like seismic blasting seriously threaten Inuit food security by putting at risk the Arctic animals they depend on for their very survival. Three years ago, Clyde River filed a legal challenge against the seismic companies, the NEB, and the federal government for failure to consult. Today, the Supreme Court ruled in their favour.

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