The Edmonton Chapter of the Council of Canadians urges all Albertans to show their support for proposed new and upgraded protection for the Bighorn Country, the primary source of the North Saskatchewan River.  This new parks system, adjacent to Jasper and Banff, will help to complete the Yellowstone-to-Yukon initiative, assuring protected travel corridors for wildlife. Measures are needed to protect this source of drinking water for Edmonton and the hundreds of thousands of prairie Canadians who depend on the North Saskatchewan River for daily sustenance.   Of course, a number of threatened animal and fish species also depend on the critical wild life habitat to be given additional ecological protection under this plan.

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2018 Activities Report for the Edmonton Chapter

Activities Report for 2018 for the Edmonton Chapter of the Council of Canadians

Presented at Council of Canadians Edmonton Chapter AGM.  Dec. 2, 2018

This past yearthe Edmonton Chapter operated largely with the understanding that we are effective identifying and working with  our allies and promoting the Council of Canadians as affiliated with a small range of  civil society organizations.   This has been a fairly successful approach. 

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Edmonton Chapter AGM, Sunday, Dec. 2, 3-5 p.m.

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Council of Canadians,
Edmonton Chapter AGM
Sunday, Dec 2, 3-5 p.m. 
Hostelling International (10647-81 Ave.)

The Edmonton Chapter cordially invites you to our 2018 Annual General Meeting.  The Council of Canadians is the largest, non-partisan, grass roots based civil society organization in Canada.  With over 40 Chapters across Canada, a staff of more than 25 at our national office in Ottawa and at 4 regional offices, the Council of Canadians is in a unique position to develop, promote and realize a truly progressive agenda for social and environmental justice.  

Listen to brief reports from the Edmonton Steering Committee members, enjoy some light refreshments and share your ideas on how we can move forward.  
This past year, the Edmonton Chapter formally and/or informally partnered with a number of local organizations.  There will be brief reports representing activities for each of the following: 
  • The Alberta Environmental Network (Methane Working Group)
  • The Alberta Green Energy Network
  • The Alberta Pharmacare Working Group
  • Climate Hub
  • Climate Justice Edmonton
  • CPAWS-Northern Alberta Chapter (re:  Bighorn Wilderness Park Proposal)
  • Pesticide Free Edmonton 
If you have any questions or comments, or If you’re interested in being part of grass roots based initiatives to achieve social and environmental justice, please attend our AGM and/or contact us via email at edmontoncouncil@yahoo.ca.  
Rod Olstad
Edmonton Chapter
Council of Canadians 

Edmonton Chapter at “Sink Harper”

ImageEdmonton Chapter reps are now attending the Annual General Meeting of the Council of Canadians in Nanaimo B.C.  900 in attendance at last night’s public forum.  Registrations are sold out.

Thanks to Council of Canadians Communications Officer Matt Ramsden for helping to set up this new blog.