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Polls show a substantial majority of people across the political spectrum favor cosmetic pesticide bans.1 A cosmetic pesticide ban means protection from non-essential use of pesticides (including herbicides, fungicides and other biocides). People understand that less toxic chemical use means better health and environmental protection for their families, pets, and green spaces.

Many cities across Canada already have cosmetic pesticide bans in place – in some cases, they have had them for over 20 years – but Edmonton has fallen behind. As we now grapple with the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change, it’s more important than ever to reduce our exposure to intense chemicals and to protect our green spaces. Out of respect for pollinators and our own health, Pesticide Free Edmonton is advocating for a cosmetic pesticide ban for our city.

Clear best practices exist to protect people and the environment from pesticides. A cosmetic pesticide ban is that best practice. Our children must be safe walking to school and playing in neighbourhood yards and city greenspaces. Bees and birds must be protected to prevent further extinction and collapse of ecological and food systems. People must be free to open their windows without worrying about toxic chemicals drifting from a sprayed lawn. A ban will leave people with more effective and safer tools for yard, garden, and greenspace management and help to keep us all healthy.

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Join our campaign to achieve an effective Cosmetic Pesticide Ban in Edmonton!  Please read our Campaign Statement above. Are you willing to volunteer with our campaign to achieve an effective cosmetic pesticide ban in Edmonton?

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